When born she was left on street suffering from Cerebral Palsy, They Adopted her and Feed Daughter Mouth To Mouth so she can survive.

Li Huanme and her husband Zhao Yuchun have proved the world that there is NOTHING GREATER THAN HUMANITY! The 16-year old girl Likun was abandoned as a baby near the hospital where Li Huanme worked. Her biological parents gave up on her because she was suffering from Celebral palsy but these incredible parents took her to their home and is caring for her from past 16 years. Likun’s condition is so severe that they have to feed Likun by chewing her hot food and transferring it from their own mouth into hers.¬†Likun eats three meals per day, each with a feeding time of around two hours. But despite the time-consuming routine, the couple, who also have two older children, have pledged never to abandon their adopted daughter. Li Huanme is recently diaganosed with cancer but despite the hardships this couple face, they are determined to give the little girl the love and care she deserves.


The extreme love and affection exhibited by this dedicated couple is truly inspirational.
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