Transgenders in India will now find a respectable way to earn a living as Cab drivers.

Humanity has No Gender – This inspiring news for uplifting Humanity comes from Mumbai, Three-hundred members of the city’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community will be trained to drive private taxis in city. The project, called Wings Rainbow, has been launched by Wings Travels and community organisation Humsafar Trust in Mumbai.


image source: Indian Express

The organisers want to take the initiative nationwide. “The LGBT community, especially transgenders, have very few economic opportunities because of the huge stigma that they still face. Most people don’t want to offer them jobs,  don’t want to buy anything from them. The only option they’re left for survival is to beg for money in return for their blessings. We consider their blessings to be sacred but fail to respect them as a part of the society. 


We hope that this will set the ball rolling and that it will open up other such opportunities for them,” Pallav Patankar, Director of Programmes, Humsafar Trust, told NDTV.


A transgender who has been associated with Humsafar for 16 years told The Indian Express in an interview, “We want to show the society that we are capable of more than just sex work and begging. However, it will take some time to change people’s minds.” She is part of the radio cab pilot project, and believes this to be a huge step forward in bringing greater dignity to the marginalised and discriminated community.


We salute their efforts for uplifting Humanity – Humanity has no Gender.


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