This young boy started a School for Less Privileged when he was 9 yrs old.


Image: (L-R) The Christian Science Monitor ; Youth Leader Magazine

23-year-old Babar Ali, popularly known as the world’s youngest headmaster started a school when he was Nine years Old. The school that Babar started in backward Bhabta village in West Bengal with eight students, is now a certified school. In 2015, it had 300 students and 10 teachers. The school, Ananda Siksha Niketan, is also recognised by the West Bengal government.


Babar performs the role of a student in the morning where he is pursuing his masters in English literature at Berhampore Krishanath College and becomes a teacher in afternoon when he teach students.


“It all started as a game when I used to teach my sister, my first student in my backyard. Later, some migrant children from the village used to come to my classes and that was how the school was born,” he said.


Babar’s biggest achievement is that six of his students have now started teaching in his school after their college hours. Various people, a majority of who are from Karnataka, have supported him morally and financially. “The Karnataka government has a chapter on me in the first pre-university textbook, which is why 90 per cent of the mails I receive are from Karnataka,” Babar stated.


But Babar does not wish to stop here. He feels that there are still many people in his village who do not go to school and there is a long way to go as so many children still need to avail education.


A young boy having such a great mindset in this age and working for upliftment of society is surely an Inspiration.

Story Source: Your Story, The Hindu


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