This makeup artist despite of being born with a congenital malformation, Inspires the World to Never Give up

Marimar Quiroa was born with Cystic Hygroma, a congenital malformation which affected her mouth since birth which further affected her in many ways. She cannot speak, Can only breathe through a hole in her throat, can eat only through a tube in her stomach, cannot hear through right ear. Despite all this she never complaint to God, instead she is thankful to god for she is alive and has so much energy to do anything in life. This inspiring vlogger redefined beauty and pursued her dreams of becoming a makeup artist. She is such an inspiration to all of us for she truly proves that the only thing that can stop you in achieving your dreams is YOU!! No matter what the circumstances are, NEVER GIVE UP!!
Watch her super-inspiring video by Barcroft TV:

To learn more about Marimar, visit her YouTube channel:


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