This 91-year-old man battling cancer knits hats from day to night for the Homeless.


Image source: (Photo: WZZM)

“There’s too many homeless people out there who need others to care about them.” says 91-year old who knits hats tirelessly from morning to evening in bed. He only takes a coffee break in between. He doesn’t stop knitting until he falls asleep at night. 

“This is my life,” says Morrie. “I have always liked to helped people, and I’m not going to stop now. We all need a sense of purpose.”

Morrie has been doing this from past 15 years and has knitted 8000 hats till date.


Image source: (Photo: WZZM)

When asked by his children what he wanted as gifts each year for Christmas, Father’s Day and his birthday, he’d ask for only one item – Yarn.

He has made it certain that every hat he knits gets donated to a homeless shelter in so people in need can have a warm hat to wear.

Morrie hopes to knit hats for as long as his health allows, but his health has been failing in recent months. He was diagnosed with skin cancer which has spread to his kidney. He even lost his own son Russell to cancer last year. But morrie refuses to spend his last days focussing on the end, instead he fills everyday with meaning and direction.

Karen Lauter, his daughter knows her father is in the sunset of his life, but she’s beyond thrilled and is extremely proud of how he’s found purpose and meaning in the face of his terminal illness.

“We should all be as driven as my dad,” said Lauters. “What he’s done knitting all the hats and donating them to homeless shelters] has touched a lot of people, and it’s been the best thing that could have ever happened for him, given his circumstances.”

Morrie teaches everybody that no matter how old we are, or what medical condition we may have, we can all give back in some way. He is definately an inspiration!

Story Source: USA today


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