This 6th class student studies on the street with a weight machine to support family

No one and Nothing can stop you in achieving your goals other than YOU.

One of the most amazing Inspiring picture !


Gautam studies in 6th class and sits in Kamla Nagar market, New Delhi. You can find him studying with a weight machine next to him, He is the eldest of the 3 siblings, His Mother also works nearby to support family so they can pay rent of where they live and eat food , Since he’s eldest of 3 brothers so he also thinks that he has a responsibility to earn and support his family so he tries to earn whatever little he can by asking passerby to check their weight but Despite all his struggles and being so little his dedication towards his education has a power to inspire every single person passing by and who’s looking at his picture right now.


If you visit Kamla Nagar market do show your support to him as this Kid despite being so little has a courage and dedication which deserves a Salute ! He sits next to John Players showroom everyday.

He really Teaches us, We have everything we need to achieve anything we want if only we can stop complaining and start achieving. #NeverGiveUp


#BringingHumanityBack Story sent by Pinkesh


We will visit him soon to help and support him, he is an Inspiration !


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