This 19-year old Boy built a Car of his own from scratch with the help of Internet Videos. Watch


If you really want to do something, youll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.’

Your circumstances don’t define you, Your will Power do. Prem Thakur, is a commerce student and lives in Khargar, navi Mumbai. Prem is only 19 years old but the feat this young boy has achieved has left many established engineers behind him in terms of accomplishments. His father is a rickshaw driver and earns a meagre daily income of Rs. 500-600 but despite such circumstances, he didnt stop until he realized his dreams.




With no background in Engineering and limited resources, the way this boy has made use of Internet to built a car is definitely inspiring!

Watch this super inspiring video of him by VideoVolunteers

Story Source: Conflating Visions



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