They Bully her for Facial tumour, She Beats those Losers by Singing. No One can Stop you Other than You !


Born with cystic hygroma – an extremely rare condition that causes growths in the chin and neck, Courtney Blackmore was born with a facial tumour because of which she couldnt speak properly. She had to undergo over 20 surgeries till date. She was often bullied by people because of her condition, but she chose to fight back. Instead she regularly uploads her singing videos on Youtube and sends a message of defiance to bullies every time she hits ‘upload’. 20-year old Courtney, who lives in Sonora, California had to have years of speech and language therapy as her tumour is so large that it prevents her from closing her mouth. Yet despite this, Courtney has a pitch-perfect singing voice and has amassed a legion of fans online because of her beautiful voice. Courtney wishes that her videos will help to bring more acceptance for people living with her condition for Courtney believes that ITS OK TO BE DIFFERENT.

Watch her super inspiring video by Barcroft TV:


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