These Medical Interns Saved Accident victim assumed dead by Crowd, using Only A Pen And Newspaper



Many times an accident victim is lying on the street injured and a crowd is surrounding them but everyone heartlessly ignore or pass by them without even calling an Ambulance or Police for their help but in this below incident:


Two Heroes Dr Faizah Anjum and Dr Savitri Devi, both are interns working for Apollo Hospitals, Secunderabad. On Sunday they were returning from somewhere, when they came across a road traffic accident with the victim having no/feeble pulse and surrounded by a huge crowd. The moment they rushed to his aid, they found him to be in a critical condition.

We rushed there and waded through the crowd to see the victim lying on the road near the divider. He had feeble pulse and his pupils were dilated and we got to work,” said Dr Faizah Anjum to The Hindu.


With no medical kit on them, the doctors found the only two instruments available at hand – a pen and a newspaper.  They proceeded to conduct an emergency medical procedure on him, where in using the pen they cleared his air passage and They folded a news paper and began to blow air into his lungs as the other did chest compressions.


After 25 minutes of continuous CPR and chest compressions, they were able to revive the patient by making his breathing stable. When asked how it felt to save the man’s life, Dr Savitri Devi said, “It gives a sense of satisfaction and purpose.”

When the ambulance arrived after 25 minutes, They put the 30-year-old on an IV drip. He was then taken to a hospital. 

Dr Faizah Anjum and Dr Savitri Devi truly are the Definition of Doctors, Our Salute to them !


Watch the video below of a social experiment of a young man who died begging for help from the big crowd but everyone just stood and watched him die. 



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