She was given a basketball cut in half to balance her weight – The Super Inspiring Basketball girl


Qian Hongyan, a 20 year old girl from China has no legs. She lost it in a tragic accident when a speeding truck hit her and she lost her legs. Her poor family could not provide her prosthetic legs and so Qian learnt to live and carry on the way she was. And all this when she was only 4 years old!


Though her story does not end there neither it ended her life. Her life started from there on and is one inspirational story which will give you strength to carry on during all of your hard days.


Qian was given a basketball cut in half to balance her weight and there came her name the basketball girl. Her hands became her strength and she did everything with them and that too with great effectiveness as well.


After her photographs became viral on the Internet, China’s Rehabilitation Centre in Beijing offered Qian free artificial limbs.


She was given larger limbs in 2007 however her family could not afford to pay for her treatments.

Qian-Hongyan-basket-ball-girl-walking (1)

Initially, when Qian joined disabled swimming club everything was difficult for her but she continued to train and learn and became a successful athlete.


Qian wishes to compete in the para Olympics, one day.


Her success has turned her into a celebrity and is a big inspiration for everyone around the world.


You can watch her super inspiring story below. 


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