She is homeless but despite that she studies sitting on the street for a better future

If you want it really bad you’ll find a way, If you don’t You’ll find an Excuse…

There are people who always blame others for the goals they’re not able to achieve and then there are those who take the charge and responsibility for their Actions and defeat their struggles to achieve their goals.

She is homeless But despite her condition she didn’t quit, She quietly studies sitting on the street for her better future.

She was seen reading and writing when a passerby saw her and was immediately inspired by her efforts to self study for a better future. The woman was deep in thought, trying to answer questions on a book she probably found (or somebody must’ve given it to her). The roaring sound of engines of vehicles passing by didn’t seem to bother her. She was focused and motivated to learn and defeat her struggles.

Education is the most powerful tool to eradicate poverty and ensure better future and this Woman surely knows that… Salute to her for Inspiring and letting us know how many things in life we take for granted because we get them easy.


Source: Viral4Real



Many netizens are now working together to donate books and school supplies for her.



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