[Part 2] God Sent Me For You – Giving Rs 1000 To Needy #BringingHumanityBack Challenge [Share]


Link to watch Rs 50000 Diwali video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OxOHb…
We challenge you, To help a Hardworking Needy person [Not Beggars who are Lazy and don’t want to work and want easy money] with any money in next 48 hours, Record their Reaction and Upload that video on your Facebook Profile, Tag and challenge your 3 friends to complete in 48 hours, Message us the link of your video on Facebook.com/ActorVarun, with HashTag #BringingHumanityBack and your name, We will share the First 30 selected videos. Lets Make History this Diwali by Giving Happiness… Lets Show the World we can stand together for a Cause ! [Share for Cause ]


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