Our Differences are man made – In the end we’re all Humans, Story of Cab Driver and A Rich Man

Via: Humans Of Bombay

“When all of Bombay was under water close to a decade ago, I was stuck on a highway in my taxi for 15 hours with another man and his baby daughter. During those 15 hours, I ran out and got Vada pav and tea for us at regular intervals. We had long conversations about his life, my life, where we came from and where we were going. At the end of it, that man in a suit and I, an ordinary cab driver had no differences between us – we were both stuck under one roof, eating the same food and discussing our lives. I guess in a way, it’s mother nature’s way of telling us that our differences are man made…and in the end we’re all human and we’re all at her mercy.”



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