One Man and 300 Volunteers Cooked for More than 170 Thousand People During the Chennai Floods

Compassion makes us Human. Salute to those who have a passion to serve Humanity.

At the time when most of Chennai and many part of Tamil Nadu were submerged because of the rains and subsequent floods, one man, backed by many volunteers, was packing food for thousands of stranded people.


Meet Santhosh Muruganantham, the founder of Kolapasi – a food outlet in Chennai. During the floods, there was water in Santhosh’s house as well as Kolapasi’s central kitchen. But nothing could dampen his extraordinary determination to help. Knowing that many people in the city would be stranded without food and water, Santhosh set up a makeshift kitchen and started preparing food.

While he started alone, about 300 volunteers joined him at different stages.


There were college students, industrialists, businessmen, a 74-year-old man, and many others – “From washing utensils, cooking, to packing food…they were doing whatever we asked them to do. And without a flinch, because they badly wanted to support,” he says.


The team cooked continuously for four days and packed over 1.7 lakh food packets. 

We Salute their Team for serving Humanity.

Story Source: The Better India



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