This Person went on the street to feed the Homeless most will just Ignore. Must watch and share

Story of the Person who made this video: When I was 5 years old, I saw a man pick something off the street. He sat on the pavement and began sniffing what he picked up.
I shouted out to him when he was about to put it in his mouth, I just couldn’t bear what i saw. He stopped and looked straight at me, and then took a bite.
My heart sank deep in, my heart sank because what he picked up to eat, was dog dung.

Ever since that incident, I’ve done whatever I could within my means to help the unfortunate.

It’s sad that we’re so unappreciative of what we have, and what we continue to get.
Giving people life changing experiences and memories that carry on over the years is best feeling one can get.

If this video touches you in any way, please do share it so others rid their inhibitions and begin spreading happiness! No Act of kindness however small is ever wasted…



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