Mother collects & sells Trash to pay her Daughter University fees, She becomes Beauty Queen and Kneels down to her Mother.

Our parents are always there to guide and protect us. What do they want in return? Nothing. They just want to be loved and respected the way they should be.


Source: Viral4Real

Though our parents love us more than anything else, they cannot give everything we want. Especially those who are financially incapable, like this beauty queen’s mother. But despite their poverty, she did everything she could to give what her daughter needs. She would collect and sell trash just to pay for her daughter’s university tuition fees.


Khanittha Phasaeng, 17, is the winner of the Miss Uncensored News Thailand 2015 beauty pageant. But she gained more fame after she travelled home to see her mother. This Thai beauty went home to kneel down to her mother, as a symbol for her never-ending gratitude towards her.


“I am very happy about winning at the pageant, and thankful to my mom for providing for me. What I have is because of my mom. Our family makes a living through honest work, so I have never felt ashamed or inferior to others,” Khanittha said.


The photos showing how humble Khanittha was by kneeling down before her mother, even wearing her crown and gown, went viral as it touched many hearts.



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