Meet the Richest Lady, Her house destroyed, Family lost, Still Helping others by giving what she has Left



Story Source: Chennai Facebook post

This is my maid Malaramma… she lives on the banks of the Coovum, near my neighbourhood Annanagar…her house was washed away…it took her two days to locate her family members, yet she turned up for work almost everyday..I told her not take the trouble, but she insisted saying that since I live alone, and cook by myself, I might need help.. besides turning up for work she is also organizing blankets, food and water from her employers, for others in her neighborhood…

She didn’t go to a fancy school, she is not from any affluent family background, not a very religious person, so where did she learn these fine human qualities from ? I really, really, wonder !

With some education, some wealth, some social status, what contributions people like her could potentially make to this society !

Bob Marley once said that the most poorest people in the world are the rich, because money is all they have .
To me Malaramma is a millionare !


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