Just Minutes before giving Birth, This Mom finished her Exam in Extreme pain to give her Baby Better Future

While many try to find excuses for why they were not able to pass an Exam / Test, Then there are those who fight every struggle regardless of situation and comes out victorious.

Education is the most Powerful tool to ensure better life for your family. ‘If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.’

Tommitrise was about to give birth but she had to finish her psychology exams. This situation would be a problem for anybody, but not for her. While in labor, she had an open laptop in front of her, finishing her test while in extreme pain.


According to her sister’s post on Facebook, Tommitrise was already having contractions 3 minutes apart. She was definitely in pain, but she didn’t give up on her studies. She had worked hard for her education, and she didn’t want her hard work to be in vain.


She gave birth to a healthy child, and was able to finish her exams on time. Showing her dedication and perseverance inspired many netizens. She was determined to finish her studies in order to give her baby a beautiful future. We salute her for being an Inspiration.


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