Indian Blind Cricket Team Wins the T20 Blind Asia cup – Thank you for making us Proud !

It takes a lot of courage, dedication and Hard work to follow your passion despite limitations and not thinking about what will people say…


Congratulations to Indian blind cricket Team, for winning T20 blind Asia Cup and making the Nation Proud of them. They put all their hardwork and overcome their limitation just so they can bring pride to the Nation.


Lets stand together to congratulate them and tell them we’re proud of you all !


This victory is an overall victory of every blind cricket player of the World who follows their passion to defeat their struggles and limitations. We all wish that game of Blind cricket reaches heights as it has a power to Inspire life.


Image Source: Business Standard


This is how blind cricket is played 

The rules of blind cricket are based on the standard Laws of cricket with some essential modifications.


In terms of playing equipment, the major adaptation is the ball, which is significantly larger than a standard cricket ball and filled with ball bearings. The size allows partially sighted players to see the ball and the contents allow blind players to hear it. The wicket (stumps) is also larger, to allow partially sighted players to see and blind players to touch it in order to correctly orient themselves when batting or bowling.


Various other modifications to the rules apply. Verbal signals are widely used both by umpires and players: in particular, the bowler must shout ‘Play!’ as he releases the ball. The delivery is required to pitch at least twice when bowled to a completely blind batsman (once when bowled to a partially sighted batsman), but must not be rolling. Totally blind batsmen cannot be out stumped, and must be found to be LBW twice before going out. Totally blind fielders are allowed to take a catch on the bounce.





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