Huge Electric Shock took both his hands but Couldn’t break his Spirit, Be A Legend. Read

Never Give Up, Be A Legend. Dhaval Khatri, who lost both his hands at the age of 14 due to a huge electric shock but nothing could break his spirit.


Picture source: Humans of Amdavad

“It was the festival of Uttarayan and so I was flying kites at our relatives place. And somehow while flying the kite I held my hands on an electric wire instead of kite flying thread. I got a huge electric shock and fell down on the road from the terrace and as a result my heart stopped beating for few seconds so basically I was dead for those few seconds but then fortunately a doctor was passing by and he gave me a hands-only CPR and I was brought back to life. I was later rushed to the nearest hospital, my hands were badly burnt and due to this massive trauma doctors said that both of my hands had to be amputated. Loosing your both the hands at the age of 14, I realized that life would continue to be difficult. But at the same time I was happy that I had received a new lease of life – something that a few lucky ones gain. In fact I was looking forward to make the best out of what I had been left with. Soon I was trained to do everything without hands.


The school in which I was studying gave me a leaving certificate saying YOU ARE OF NO USE to us. You have no hands so obtaining education is just a dream for you. Instead of motivating me, principal of that school discouraged me. But I wanted to continue studying so I got myself enrolled in another school. Later I even completed my graduation. But the part that will surprise you the most is that I have given exams all by myself. I used to complete my exams before three hours. I even play cricket and football. I’ve also begun playing guitar and trying to master a few pieces in it. When I was in the hospital, my mom made me practice holding a pen or a pencil. Gradually, I turned to sketching and painting. For six full months, I dedicated myself towards it and got a grip on it. Now, I was able to draw sketches and make paintings fluently. On one side my schooling was going on and on the other side I was learning to paint all by myself. After my college I applied at different Universities for a course in painting but each an every university rejected me. So I started doing painting without any guidance. 


Picture source: The Better India

A guy who received discouragement from everywhere, today has done around 300 paintings, been a part of many Television shows, performed live painting shows all over Gujarat and Mumbai, and recieve lot of orders from around the world.


His only message to the world is “There is no such word as “IMPOSSIBLE” in this world. It has been used by those people who give up easily. If a person like me with no hands can paint and play guitar then people with no disability can do wonders to the world.”


Dhaval Khatri has created a website where people can place order for the paintings. So if anybody wishes to buy his paintings then they can visit the below mentioned website.

Story Source : Humans of Amdavad, The Better India



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