He’s A definition of Cop, Manoj Barahate who jumped off a 20ft high bridge to save Life. Salute Sir

Salute to Policeman Manoj Barahate, A 24-year-old policeman, who jumped off a 20ft high bridge in Kumbh and saved a man’s Life.


It was between 3 and 4 pm He was on Duty when a man came and stood near the railing at the center of the bridge. But suddenly they saw that the man had one leg up on the railing and  jumped into the water. Manoj and his colleagues rushed to stop him but they could not reach on time.

While many people rushed to watch what had just happened, some tried to enter the water from under the bridge to see if the man could be saved. But Manoj knew that there was no time to waste.

in Below CCTV footage picture you can see Manoj jumping into the water without thinking twice to save Man’s Life, The Heroic act was caught on CCTV camera


When asked about his Heroic act, Manoj said,

”There was no other option. That was the only way to save him. I saw that there was no movement in the water after he jumped. So if I would have gone from under the bridge he would have lost his life.”  

Salute to Policeman Manoj Barahate for making Humanity Proud !


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