He plays football without legs, Accident took away his Legs but couldn’t take his Will Power. Watch

No One can stop you other than you ! Mohammad Abdullah, lost both his legs in a horrific train accident when he was just seven years old. Today, this Bangladeshi boy has made a name for himself, for his dazzling football skills. 

Watch his inspiring Video by Cover Asia Press.

After being abandoned by his mother during early childhood, Abdullah was raised by his father and step-mother. He was allegedly abused by his family members and decided to run away. After living and begging on streets for the next few months, he started to live with his grandmother.


But in 2001, Abdullah was traveling on a train and was trying to reach another carriage as the train was moving when he slipped and his legs got trapped under the wheels of the speeding train.He was rushed to Dhaka Medical College Hospital where he received treatment. He eventually lost both his legs below the thigh. Abdullah was alone at hospital and no one from his family made contact. Eventually the hospital authorities sent him to an orphanage as soon as he was strong enough.  The orphanage admitted Abdullah to Barisal Yusuf School where he studied for 18 months but eventually he ran away again.


‘I was very lost, I didn’t know where I wanted to belong and I was scared of being trapped. I lived on the streets and my condition meant it was easy to beg. People saw my condition and always gave me money. But I wasn’t happy, I wanted something better for myself so with my strong arms and two hands I decided to try to work. I started hawking newspapers and I saved a little amount from the money I earned. My interest in football re-ignited when I lived on the streets. I saw boys playing on the road side and I wanted to play too. But they didn’t let me play and that upset me.’


Then, He was sent to Aparajeyo Bangla, an NGO, where he received medical aid and learned to move around on a wheelchair. Determined to make the most out of life, Abdullah started learning to walk without the help of a wheelchair.


‘When I was bound to that wheelchair I feared I might have to spend the rest of my life trapped. But eventually I decided to try and do without it. I was determined to be independent so I began trying to walk. I was tired of seeing myself in that helpless condition. I faced difficulties initially but succeeded eventually. Now I can walk, work and play football like other people.’


A football coach at Aparajeyo Bangla helped Abdullah pursue his football passion and encouraged him to practice.


‘People are amazed when they see me play football. They ask: “How can someone play football with no legs?” But I show them.  I’m not afraid to tackle or compete against an able bodied player. I feel good when I hear people comment on my talents.’


Aside from honing his skills with the ball, Abdullah currently works as a porter at a ferry station to pay for his meals.

He dreams of competing professionally one day. His story is an inspiration to Never give up in life no matter what. Stand up strong and fight against all odds and you will Win. NEVER GIVE UP!!


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