A hardworking old man didn’t had money, This Doctor gave him free dental treatment


Hello all. I am Dental Surgeon practicing in Ajmer. This man came to me few weeks back for removal of his teeth and replacement with a denture so that he will be able to chew. He did not had proper food since last 1 year. After I did the whole procedure, I asked how he is running his life. What he said after that brought tears in my eyes. He said that he is earning only Rs 100 to 150 in a day by selling kachori and samosas(Snacks). And he is living with his wife. His children who are working very well and earning handsomely have abandoned them and now he is forced to earn. I returned all the money of the treatment and did everything for free so that he can smile and have proper food.
Guys I just want to say please help people around you.

We salute you Sarthak for helping and inspiring Humanity.

#BringingHumanityBack Story Sent by: Sarthak Mathur



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