Give Right of Way to Ambulances or lose your driving license [Bengaluru]

An Ambulance is not just a Vehicle, It carries Life… The Ambulance experiment Below shows how insensitive we’re towards Ambulance carrying someone else’s life.

On October 8 Bengaluru, the State government of Karnataka has issued strict orders to the Road Transport Department as well as the police to cancel the driving license of those who overtake an ambulance. As per the laws, an ambulance should have the right of way and nobody can allegedly overtake them.

As per report by Daiji world, Chief Minister said: “The heavy traffic on roads makes life difficult for ambulance drivers. Overtaking them adds to their woes. To prevent it, we are contemplating license cancellation. The transport department and the police have been issued necessary directions,” said Siddaramaiah. He urged motorists to make way for ambulances transporting the sick, on grounds of humanity.

The chief minister said the road regulations mandate that every driver must give free passage to ambulances and fire tenders by drawing to the side of the road. However, people show scant regard to such regulations and violate it with impunity. With the growing numbers of vehicles in the State, it is a challenge for patients to get medical help in time.


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