Delhi Policeman saved life of 67yr old Woman who fell Unconscious inside her house


This afternoon Shama Sharma age around 67 years wife of late Prof H. V. Sharma(NSD) who stays alone in her House in Laxmi Nagar , East Delhi was reported not to be attending any call from the neighbors. After repeated failed attempt the neighbors called Delhi police for assistance.

Judging the seriousness of the circumstances brave Policeman personnel broke into the house. The later scene was heart touching.. The Lady had fallen Unconscious on the floor. Without thinking twice He quickly picked her up and personally admitted her to the hospital and made sure she was attended well by doctors. He personally attended to all the procedures from emergency ward to X-ray rooms, he was present till the family members of the lady arrived after 4 Hours of the incident. He was there all the time..

Delhi Police Head Constable Munesh Kumar (Shakarpur P.S) , East Delhi saved the life of the 67yr old Woman

This was his response when asked about the situation.

“Khud ke Liye to saab jite hain, dusro ke liye jiyo to maja aah jaye.”( Everyone Live for them self but those who live for others are Amazing )

Salute to brave Delhi Policeman Munesh Kumar who stood for Humanity. Salute to you sir for making Humanity proud.



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