Blind Kid Thanks Hero Who Saved Him From Bully. Salute to those who stand for Others, Watch

Remember that hero who saved the blind kid from a bully last month?


Source: Unilad

Well the kid who was getting bullied, Austin Higley, and the guy who saved him Cody Pines have now appeared on Dr Phil, giving an interview in which Austin thanked Cody for his actions, saying: “Honestly, I feel like you saved my life,” The Mirror reports.


The original clip, shot at Huntington Beach High School in California, went viral with more than 26 million people watching the bully get dealt a massive portion of karma.

Austin, 16, is seen getting punched by the bully, who is stopped in his tracks with one punch from 17-year-old Cody.

Cody told Dr Phil he hoped his intervention would make bullies reconsider their actions in the future, saying: “Think about what you’re doing whenever you’re bullying someone. That’s another person’s life. Could you imagine if someone else ruined your whole life by doing this?”

#HumanityAboveAll, Salute to those who take a stand for the innocents. #StopBullying #BeAHero


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