80yr old bodybuilder, She started working out at 71. Age is just a Number. Watch


image source: Great Big Story

Ernestine Shepherd started exercising when she was 71 years and today she holds a Guinness world record for being the oldest female bodybuilder. She spends more than 30 hours each week exercising and plan to work harder in future. Nothing can stop you in achieving your goals other than you. NEVER GIVE UP!

She is an inspiration to all those who take a backseat while giving excuses in life. No One Can Stop You Other Than You !

Watch her super inspiring video by Great Big Story:

This 91-year-old man battling cancer knits hats from day to night for the Homeless.


Image source: (Photo: WZZM)

“There’s too many homeless people out there who need others to care about them.” says 91-year old who knits hats tirelessly from morning to evening in bed. He only takes a coffee break in between. He doesn’t stop knitting until he falls asleep at night. 

“This is my life,” says Morrie. “I have always liked to helped people, and I’m not going to stop now. We all need a sense of purpose.”

Morrie has been doing this from past 15 years and has knitted 8000 hats till date.


Image source: (Photo: WZZM)

When asked by his children what he wanted as gifts each year for Christmas, Father’s Day and his birthday, he’d ask for only one item – Yarn.

He has made it certain that every hat he knits gets donated to a homeless shelter in so people in need can have a warm hat to wear.

Morrie hopes to knit hats for as long as his health allows, but his health has been failing in recent months. He was diagnosed with skin cancer which has spread to his kidney. He even lost his own son Russell to cancer last year. But morrie refuses to spend his last days focussing on the end, instead he fills everyday with meaning and direction.

Karen Lauter, his daughter knows her father is in the sunset of his life, but she’s beyond thrilled and is extremely proud of how he’s found purpose and meaning in the face of his terminal illness.

“We should all be as driven as my dad,” said Lauters. “What he’s done knitting all the hats and donating them to homeless shelters] has touched a lot of people, and it’s been the best thing that could have ever happened for him, given his circumstances.”

Morrie teaches everybody that no matter how old we are, or what medical condition we may have, we can all give back in some way. He is definately an inspiration!

Story Source: USA today

This man runs a Bike ambulance in jungle and has saved lives of over 200 pregnant women in tribal Villages.

While cities are thriving on a wave of development, there are still several villages in Chhattisgarh which continue to suffer due with lack of basic infrastructure and healthcare facilities. But however, in one such district of Narayanpur Ajay Trakeroo, a resident of the area, has come up with a unique motorbike ambulance which ferries on these dusty and rugged tracks to ensure villagers, especially women, reach primary healthcare centres in times of dire emergency.


Image : (L) – The Indian Express; (R) – Oh My India

The mini ambulance has a side-carriage which is covered with cloth. The makeshift ambulance also has a siren and a first-aid kit to assist villagers during times of need. Ajay, using his driving and manoeuvring skills on these rugged roads, has single-handedly saved the lives of over 200 pregnant women, among other villagers. His efforts have helped see a drop in maternal and infant mortality rate in the Maoist-hit Narayanpur district of Bastar division in Chhattisgarh.


“Though 108 ambulance services operate in Narayanpur, these cannot reach deep into the forest or hilly terrain where many villages are situated. This is where the motorcycle ambulance plays a vital role. We will bring 10 more motorcycle ambulances in a few months,” Trakroo said.


He further added “Pregnant women are our main focus in the area as mortality rate is high in this conflict bound region of Chhattisgarh. With this experiment we are trying to provide necessary health care to the pregnant women of this Maoist-affected tribal and hard-to- reach forest area.”


We salute Ajay for coming forward with such brave and admirable effort.


Story Source: YourStory

This 19-year old Boy built a Car of his own from scratch with the help of Internet Videos. Watch


If you really want to do something, youll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.’

Your circumstances don’t define you, Your will Power do. Prem Thakur, is a commerce student and lives in Khargar, navi Mumbai. Prem is only 19 years old but the feat this young boy has achieved has left many established engineers behind him in terms of accomplishments. His father is a rickshaw driver and earns a meagre daily income of Rs. 500-600 but despite such circumstances, he didnt stop until he realized his dreams.




With no background in Engineering and limited resources, the way this boy has made use of Internet to built a car is definitely inspiring!

Watch this super inspiring video of him by VideoVolunteers

Story Source: Conflating Visions


This Monkey adopted a homeless puppy from streets and cares for him like his own child.

This Monkey from southern India who knows no differences has adopted a homeless puppy. He inspires the World to only Believe in Kindness and No Differences.


Picture source: Sanjay Pandey/Dinamala

The monkey takes such good care of the puppy that it cleans and picks lice out of the pup’s fur, all the while protecting it from danger.


Rescued and adopted on the streets, the monkey protects it from attacking strays, just like a mother would if her child’s life comes in harm’s way. The monkey shows its aggressive side, bearing its teeth to frighten off stray dog. The monkey nurtures the pup so lovingly, that it feeds the little pooch before eating itself.


Sasi Kumar, a resident of the area says, “People who have seen them all spoke of their strong mutual affection and described their bond as the most caring thing in the world. To take care of a puppy in danger and protect him like a parent, their undying affection gives us a valuable lesson about relationships.”

This monkey is an inspiration to the entire humanity for he truly shows us that the only thing which connects us is love and not the differences!
Watch their video of extreme love and affection:

Story Source: Daily Mail

He lost his one leg right after birth, Plays Footbal with Crutches. No One can stop you Other than You



James Catchpole had his right leg removed following his birth after getting cavernous hemangioma, a cluster of abnormal blood vessels. But he refused to give any excuses to fulfill his dreams. Today he has mastered the art of playing football with crutches on the field. The 31-year old who set up Oxford’s amputee football team has now set his sights on World Cup glory. He hopes that the amputee football would be added to the Paralympics soon.

Watch this super inspiring video:


He lost his eyes when he was 16, Now He’s an Attorney and has participated in 5 Triathlons. Never Give Up !


Picture Source: Cie Stroud / For the Times of Trenton

 “If you really want it You will find a way. If you don’t Youll find an Excuse” is the inspiring message that this 35-year old visually impaired has for the world.


Born with a congenital defect that impaired his vision, Jack Chen lost his sight altogether during a botched eye operation at the age of 16. But this could not stop him from achieving greatness. he earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science at Harvard University, a master’s degree in computer science from UC Berkeley and a law degree from Fordham University. He now works as a patent and trademark attorney at Baker Botts LLP in New York City, and has also participated in 5 triathlons including 2 Ironman competitions .


During his marathons, blind triathlete Jack Chen dodges potholes, slams into other runners in crowds, gets hit in the face by tree branches but he keeps on going.


He didn’t know how to swim. While most people learn how to swim by watching someone else, and athletes often improve their technique and form by reviewing videos, Chen had to teach himself, with text as his guide. “It was a significant challenge,” he said.


Chen said as a blind triathlete, he must constantly rely on all his other senses to constantly get feedback about what is happening on the course. That means staying alert at all times, which requires a great deal of mental energy. When swimming, he reaches out to touch his guide every couple of strokes to make sure he’s not drifting away. “It surely messes up the stroke and my efficiency. I’m slower and more tired when the swimming is done,” he says.  When running, he has an instant to adjust to road conditions such as potholes, sudden dips or a rise.


“Really, it’s all about being ready for the unexpected, “When something bad happens, you just pick yourself up and keep going, because the goal is to keep your eyes on the prize at the end of the race, just like in life.” he says.


For him, preparation means waking up before 5 a.m. on workdays to run on the treadmill and ride his bike, which is mounted on a trainer, for one or two hours. Then he hops on the train and goes to New York for work, often returning home after 7 p.m.. On days when he swims, he takes an earlier train and swims laps in a city pool. On weekends, he does longer training sessions with his guide, running outside and riding a tandem bike.


Never complain in life and Never Give Up!! Chen shows us that there is no limit to what you can do. Despite the disability, Chen’s zeal and spirit to live life to the full is inspiring!

Story Source: NJ

This Man Has Been Giving Free Food And Medicines To Abandoned Patients From 20 Years



Picture source: BBC

Every night, Gurmeet Singh arrives at the Patna Medical College and Hospital (PMCH) to serve food and provide medicines to patients at the lawaaris (Abandoned)  ward. On his way to the hospital, he stops at a small eatery where he picks up food for the poor patients who have no one to look after them. Once he reaches the hospital ward, he washes his hands and begins serving food to the patients. When done serving food, he goes to every patient again, writes down the names of medicines that they have been prescribed and buys them with his own money.  He has been doing this every day for more than 20 years now.


It all started two decades ago when a woman selling plastic bags approached him with her badly scalded boy. He took them to the hospital only to realise that there was no one to treat the child as the doctors were on strike. The condition of the ward was pathetic and the poor were the worst affected. So, he decided to do something about it and started buying them food and medicines. Gurmeet Singh has donated his blood on multiple occasions as well. Now that his doctors have dissuaded him from donating any more blood, his relatives and family join forces to do the needful.


He is to receive this year’s World Sikh Award in London for his philanthropist activity. But all he cares about is his abandoned friends, who with full stomachs and warm blankets are able to sleep peacefully at night. What an inspiration to Humanity! Salute !

Story Source: BBC 


He plays football without legs, Accident took away his Legs but couldn’t take his Will Power. Watch

No One can stop you other than you ! Mohammad Abdullah, lost both his legs in a horrific train accident when he was just seven years old. Today, this Bangladeshi boy has made a name for himself, for his dazzling football skills. 

Watch his inspiring Video by Cover Asia Press.

After being abandoned by his mother during early childhood, Abdullah was raised by his father and step-mother. He was allegedly abused by his family members and decided to run away. After living and begging on streets for the next few months, he started to live with his grandmother.


But in 2001, Abdullah was traveling on a train and was trying to reach another carriage as the train was moving when he slipped and his legs got trapped under the wheels of the speeding train.He was rushed to Dhaka Medical College Hospital where he received treatment. He eventually lost both his legs below the thigh. Abdullah was alone at hospital and no one from his family made contact. Eventually the hospital authorities sent him to an orphanage as soon as he was strong enough.  The orphanage admitted Abdullah to Barisal Yusuf School where he studied for 18 months but eventually he ran away again.


‘I was very lost, I didn’t know where I wanted to belong and I was scared of being trapped. I lived on the streets and my condition meant it was easy to beg. People saw my condition and always gave me money. But I wasn’t happy, I wanted something better for myself so with my strong arms and two hands I decided to try to work. I started hawking newspapers and I saved a little amount from the money I earned. My interest in football re-ignited when I lived on the streets. I saw boys playing on the road side and I wanted to play too. But they didn’t let me play and that upset me.’


Then, He was sent to Aparajeyo Bangla, an NGO, where he received medical aid and learned to move around on a wheelchair. Determined to make the most out of life, Abdullah started learning to walk without the help of a wheelchair.


‘When I was bound to that wheelchair I feared I might have to spend the rest of my life trapped. But eventually I decided to try and do without it. I was determined to be independent so I began trying to walk. I was tired of seeing myself in that helpless condition. I faced difficulties initially but succeeded eventually. Now I can walk, work and play football like other people.’


A football coach at Aparajeyo Bangla helped Abdullah pursue his football passion and encouraged him to practice.


‘People are amazed when they see me play football. They ask: “How can someone play football with no legs?” But I show them.  I’m not afraid to tackle or compete against an able bodied player. I feel good when I hear people comment on my talents.’


Aside from honing his skills with the ball, Abdullah currently works as a porter at a ferry station to pay for his meals.

He dreams of competing professionally one day. His story is an inspiration to Never give up in life no matter what. Stand up strong and fight against all odds and you will Win. NEVER GIVE UP!!

This Dancer lost her one leg but She refused to give up on her dreams and became one-legged dancer. Watch

It doesn’t matter how many times you fall, The only thing which matters is how many times you get back up and keep trying. 27-year old Subhreet Kaur Ghumman lost her one leg in an accident. But it didnt stop her from pursuing her dreams of becoming a dancer. She started dancing with her one leg and now is famously known as ‘One-legged Dancer’.
Watch her inspiring video by Cover Asia Press