An Armless old man was not able to eat his food and then this Happens

A simple act of kindness yet so inspiring…

As many didn’t even notice this old man struggling to eat his meal , A fast food crew member Despite his overload of work took a step in showing the world how helping others in need can truly give satisfaction to heart… 


Facebook user Marie Zelda Idelle Biteng shared this heartwarming experience as she sat waiting for her order at Jollibee Agoo.

Jemcy Garcia, a Jollibee service crew, noticed one customer who had a hard time feeding himself as he had no arms. The old man tried hard to reach the food using his mouth, but it was all in vain. Jemcy immediately rushed to aid the old man, and helped him eat until he was able to finish the whole meal.

Story Source: Viral4Real


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