A Woman lost her Husband and built Hospital named “Humanity” by selling Vegetables to help the Poor


At the age of 12, she was married and at the age of 20, she had four children. But unfortunately, Subhashini lost her husband at only 23 due to lack of suitable treatment at a government hospital. From that day onward she made up her mind. She never gave up, she lifted herself up and carried on her journey towards building a hospital

She comes from a very poor family of farmers in West Bengal. It was not easy to raise four kids. Nevertheless, she never let go of her dream to see at least one of her children become a doctor and the hospital for the poor.

For the next 20 years, She washed dishes, polished shoes, worked as a construction laborer and for 20 years she sold vegetables at Kolkata’s Park Circus, never spending a single penny on life’s luxuries – all this because she had not given up on her dream of building a hospital.

“I used to earn about five paise. Two paise was for rent, two paisa was for eating and I used to save one paise,” she recalls.

Her hopefulness was her eldest son Ajoy. He was a good student but she couldn’t afford his schooling. So she sent him to an orphanage. Ajoy became a doctor.

Through her hard work, she had a good amount of savings that helped her buy an acre of land at her husband’s native village which she later sold. Each family in the native village donated around Rs.900 through which she built a shed for the hospital. Although it was small, she hired doctors and began the treatment for patients. She sought out for doctors who could afford to work for a few hours or once a month to treat the patients.

The first day they managed to treat 252 patients. Subhasini had to hold back tears as she watched patients line up outside the shed. “But this is not enough,’’ she told Ajoy. “We need to build a proper hospital.’’

So she went back to the streets to sell vegetables. Her elder son Sujoy, who had graduated from college, joined her and together they began earning more and saving more.

The hospital maintenance was not easy for her. During monsoons, water would enter the hospital as it was a small shed. To build a concrete roof, she needed more money and she sought the help of her son Ajoy.

Ajoy spoke to a MP and after much perseverance, the MP gave support and helped them build a new hospital. And finally in 1993, the foundation stone was laid. The hospital was named as Humanity Hospital.
At present, the hospital is spread over three acres and has recruited the best of doctors and medical equipment.

What is commendable here is that the major surgeries for the poor are done for less than Rs.5000 and minor ailments are treated for under Rs.10. Her son who is a doctor is taking care of the administration and one of her daughters is a nurse.

She now spends most of her time tending to the sick or looking after her grandchildren, but she’s quick to point out that her mission is not over yet.


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