A Muslim guy from Lucknow puts Humanity Above All by jumping into a 60ft deep well to save Cow’s life

A Human putting Humanity Above all to save life of a Cow. 

Mohammad Zaki, a 20-year-old from Lucknow jumped into a 60-feet-deep well to rescue a cow without thinking twice.

While many just stood and watched, Zaki without thinking twice jumped in to well to save it.

He said that  he went inside the well only to save a suffering life. The cow was suffocating and panicking. It hit Zaki on his leg, which is still swollen. He strapped the cow  from under the stomach to the crane harness and sat on top of it.  He chose to do so to avoid the risk of the cow falling over him, in case things went wrong.

Mentioning Religion is just to bring awareness to help break the stereotypes some people relate to with others Religion, nothing else. Salute to those people who Put Humanity Above All !


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