86yr Old Woman give all of her’s Million $ to her Caretakers, Says “Where I am going soon, I don’t need money

What goes around comes around if you help others their blessings help you. No one can take any money with them after life, “What we do for ourselves dies with us, What we do for others remains forever “


86-year-old Marija zlatic never forgot how the community she was living in had helped her, and she rewarded every single person who did handsomely.

The people in Marija’s community saw how she was living on her own for years, and so they helped her with simple household things and needs, they never wanted anything in return.


Image source: AFP / Getty Images

Marija Zlatic told Serbian media that she needed only bread, water and wood

Back in 1956, both Marija and her husband Momcilo moved to Guilford, Western Australia from Serbia. Though her husband worked in a factory as a carpenter, Marija was content with being a housewife. But only after 18 months, Marija was called back to Serbia to take care of her ill mother.


Her stay in Serbia was supposed to be a short termed one and the couple kept in touch through letters to her husband. But when her mother died, Marija wasn’t able to go back to Australia for  unknown reasons. Their communication faded after several years and they didn’t talk again.


Image source: AFP / Getty Images

Mary Zlatic, 86yr old lives in a mud hut (pictured) on the outskirts of eastern Serbia

There were rumors about her husband getting married and becoming rich. Marija didn’t believe her husband had gotten rich and simply didn’t believe in it.


Marija was living a simple off a pension of $100 a month. She only wanted bread, water and wood and the neighbors always took care of her. It was only until news came of her husband passing that she decided to check on her husband. Her neighbor found out that he had in fact died in 2011.


News regarding her husband’s 2nd wife was limited and so she was shocked to receive a hefty AUD( Australian Dollars) 941, 512.58 as inheritance from her late husband! But instead of using the money for the betterment of her life, Marija didn’t have second thoughts of giving the money to all those who helped and cared for her.


This is what she says when asked why she did it: “Where I am going soon, I don’t need money, so I gave it away. They need it more than me.”


 A truly inspiring story of Compassion and Humanity creating a ripple effect.


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