You only Fail when you Quit This 79yr Old Artist said to the young man. Watch

 Watch what happened…

Uncle Sells at Central Market, Lajpat Nagar, Opposite to Chole Bhatura shop. Please do visit him and get his blessings. He is an Inspiration.

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Polio couldn’t stop this Man’s Passion from Becoming a Traffic warden, He Defeated Polio


Image Source: Bangalore Mirror

Where there’s a will there’s a way. Since his childhood days, Bangalore’s resident Mohammad Salman had a dream of joining the police force. He would spend hours watching the men and women donning khakhi and white, doing their duty and he aspired to walk in their shoes. His dreams crashed pathetically during his teens as Salman was struck down with polio and he couldn’t use his legs anymore.

But now, thanks to the officers from the Shivajinagar traffic police in Bengaluru, 21-year-old Mohammad is finally getting a chance to live his dream. Four years ago he had approached the traffic police asking them if there was any possibility that he could help them out. Seeing his relentless passion the police authorised him to be one of the official traffic wardens

Story Source: Bangalore Mirror

Can Money buy Honesty ? Watch what happened

Watch what happened…

Salute to these Inspiring street vendors, they’re truly an Inspiration !

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A hardworking old man didn’t had money, This Doctor gave him free dental treatment


Hello all. I am Dental Surgeon practicing in Ajmer. This man came to me few weeks back for removal of his teeth and replacement with a denture so that he will be able to chew. He did not had proper food since last 1 year. After I did the whole procedure, I asked how he is running his life. What he said after that brought tears in my eyes. He said that he is earning only Rs 100 to 150 in a day by selling kachori and samosas(Snacks). And he is living with his wife. His children who are working very well and earning handsomely have abandoned them and now he is forced to earn. I returned all the money of the treatment and did everything for free so that he can smile and have proper food.
Guys I just want to say please help people around you.

We salute you Sarthak for helping and inspiring Humanity.

#BringingHumanityBack Story Sent by: Sarthak Mathur


A kid asked this Legend his name and when he replied there was complete silence. Watch

Legends never Die, A Tribute to the great Legends. Salute

Video by: Desi Talkies


He called them Ugly and wanted to break them, gets a lesson He will never forget. Watch

Watch what happened.

Don’t Let others Define you, Only you Define yourself !

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In the day He’s a street Hawker in the evening he’s a International Gold Medalist Ice skater

 Everyone tried to discouraged him to quit and tried to break him apart but his Passion defeated every negative voice and his every struggle…


Raj Kumar Tiwari, son of a street hawker from Saddar Bazaar, New Delhi, is battling hyperactivity and low IQ. He dedicated him self to the sport of Ice Skating, which is practically non-existent in India. He represented the country in the 2013 World Winter Games Special Olympics and won gold in figure skating. By setting up a stall in saddar bazaar his family barely make a couple of hundred rupees a day. He is clearly someone who is driven by passion. Watch to find out more. Video By: Open Road




His shoes were torn apart but nothing can break the strength of this 68yr old book seller. Watch

Never give up. Watch

The only real failure in Life is when you stop Trying. Never Stop Trying, Never Give Up, Be A Legend. Watch

He sells at Madhuban Chowk Traffic light, Pitam Pura from 11.00am to 7.00pm 

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At 43, She took Board exams with her Daughter, You only fail when you stop trying. Never Give up

You only fail when you stop trying. Never Give up…

On Tuesday, when 43-year-old Sarita Zagade entered her SSC exam centre in Dadar, Mumbai, she attracted attention from both, students and the teachers. But that did not make Sarita, who is taking her first ever board examination, nervous. “Everyone seemed to be looking at me and I realized that they weren’t used to older people in the exam hall, but I had to concentrate on writing my exam,” said Sarita, in a report by The Times Of India. Sarita is taking the SSC examination, along with her 16-year-old daughter Shrutika. Also giving them company is her elder daughter, Kshitija, who is appearing for the HSC examination.


Sarita had to discontinue her education after class IV. “Due to financial restraints, I had to drop out of school. I got married, had two daughters and soon got busy with family life,” she said. Three years ago, she joined a night school in class VIII. Sarita credits her husband, Vishwanath, for motivating her to continue education. “Initially, I was very scared to go back to school after almost 35 years, but my husband pushed me to do it. I thought of giving it a shot and told him I would continue only if I liked it. Within just a few days, I began loving it,” she said.


The mother and daughters have been studying together for the past few months. “My mother and sister have been studying together since class VIII since most of the subjects are same. I have joined them in the past few months. We are studying and juggling household chores,” said Kshitija, a student of Shardashram Vidyamandir, Dadar. All of them are taking the examination at different centres. “When my elder daughter has her exam, I drop her to the centre. On SSC exam days, I will drop my wife to her exam centre and my elder daughter will escort her sibling to the centre,” said Vishwanath.


The mother and daughters are confident of excelling in their exams. “My daughters and my family has been extremely supportive of me and so I am able to give my best. We won’t disappoint each other,” said Sarita.

Story Source: Times Of India, Your Story

A 17yr old with Autism gets a Job at Starbucks, Says his life has a real meaning now


When he was offered a position to work at Starbucks Sam told his parents that for the first time in his life. That his life had real meaning. Sam was diagnosed with autism and like some people with autism Sam has a movement disorder. Sam has a hard time keeping his body still. Sam never thought that he would be able to work behind the bar because of his sudden movements but his manager Chris believed in him and got Sam to channel his movements into dance.

He shows and inspires the World no can stop you from being Happy other than you. Kudos to Manger Chris for believing in him. Watch this inspiring video below

This video was recorder by Carly Fleischmann  ‘More people like Sam need to be seen, heard and given a chance to thrive and dance.