Define Yourself, Use your Pain to Earn success that Defines you. Translated in Madrin


Don’t Pain for those who left you, Use your pain to Earn success that Defines you. Message reaching Worldwide. Watch video

This Rickshaw puller earns Rs100 Refused to accept Rs1000, Watch what happened

Watch what happened…

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He said I have lived Free and I will live Free, He Sacrificed his Life for the Country


On February 27th 1931 The Legend Chandra Shekhar Azad sacrificed his life fighting for the Freedom of the Country, Today is his Death Anniversary, This video pays tribute to the Fearless Legend. Watch

Video by Desi Talkies

An Armless old man was not able to eat his food and then this Happens

A simple act of kindness yet so inspiring…

As many didn’t even notice this old man struggling to eat his meal , A fast food crew member Despite his overload of work took a step in showing the world how helping others in need can truly give satisfaction to heart… 


Facebook user Marie Zelda Idelle Biteng shared this heartwarming experience as she sat waiting for her order at Jollibee Agoo.

Jemcy Garcia, a Jollibee service crew, noticed one customer who had a hard time feeding himself as he had no arms. The old man tried hard to reach the food using his mouth, but it was all in vain. Jemcy immediately rushed to aid the old man, and helped him eat until he was able to finish the whole meal.

Story Source: Viral4Real

This 91 Years Old Doctor has Been Treating Patients for Free Since 1948, Humanity has no Age

Humanity has no Age…

Dr. Bhakti Yadav, a 91-year-old gynaecologist in Indore, has been treating her patients for free since 1948. She is the first female MBBS doctor from Indore and her inspiring spirit to serve patients till her last breath is laudable. In the 68 years of her career, Dr. Bhakti Yadav has helped deliver thousands of babies, without taking any fees from her patients. 

Even though she is not able to treat many patients because of her age, her advice is valued far and wide.

We salute her Passion to serve Humanity regardless of her age which is an Inspiration.


Story Source: The Better India


As he lied on the ground, his body cut in half, All he wished and plead was to Donate his Organs

As he lied on the ground, his body severed in half after being crushed by a truck, 23-year-old Harish Nanjappa had but one dying wish – to help others. he clung on to life, he pleaded with those who took him to hospital, and the doctors, to harvest his organs and donate these to those in need. A Super Hero, Who even in face of death, all he thought was helping a stranger with his organs. 


Image Source: India Times

Harish Nanjappa, 23, died due to injuries within minutes of being taken to a hospital. The doctors harvested his eyes and donated these to a hospital. 


A truck carrying sugar bags tried to overtake Harish’s Bajaj Pulsar. The truck then pushed against the motorcycle, throwing Harish under the wheels of the truck. The lower half of his body was crushed into halves. For a few minutes, he lay on the highway, pleading for help even as vehicles passed by.


Some passers-by filmed Harish, waist up, flailing his arms, while others informed cops who called for an ambulance. In the meantime, Jas Toll Company, which manages a stretch of the highway, sent an ambulance.


Harish’s eyes were harvested as he had requested and given to a hospital.


Dr Bhujang Shetty, chairman of Narayana Netralaya said, “We’ve collected Harish’s eyes as he was keen on donating his organs. It’s astounding how a man who was split into two and lying on the road was able to think with such clarity. It’s unheard of. He did not suffer head injuries because he was wearing a helmet.”


Despite a Supreme Court order, people still refuse to help accident victims. It was heroic of Harish to think of donating his organs to help others even as he lay in the middle of a road.


Timely intervention could have saved Harish’s life if only people had stopped to help him rush to a hospital sooner, Harish suffered a ‘crash injury’, wherein his bones, muscles, blood vessels and skin were completely severed from his body. But even dismembered victims can be saved with prompt rescue, which is this case, failed to happen.

Story Source: India Times


School Dropout builds a Helicopter with Metal sheets and SUV engine to help commute Villagers

Where there’s a Will there’s a way. If you really want to achieve your goals you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse. People who keep trying never Lose and Victory comes to those who never quit.


Vehicles struggle to reach Shyamjuli, a village 450km northeast of Assam’s principal city, Guwahati. This was the reason why Chandra Siwakoti Sharma, a school dropout, built a helicopter that he says can carry two people 30-50ft above the ground.


Chandra Siwakoti Sharma, a resident of Shyamjuli village in Assam, has built a helicopter and named it Pawan Putra. An automobile mechanic by profession, Chandra Siwakoti decided to spend Rs. 15 lakh(Rupees 1.5 million) from his savings to design the helicopter because it is not very easy for vehicles to reach his village located in Dhemaji district, 450 km northeast of Guwahati.


Chandra Siwakoti is a school dropout who could not study after Class 3 because of his family’s weak financial condition. But he used all his savings and also sold his land to fulfill his dream of designing a helicopter.


Picture Source: Hindustan Times

According to him, the helicopter can carry two people and fly at a height of 30-50 feet above the ground. Made out of metal sheets, car seats and two SUV engines, Pawan Putra is Chandra’s idea of providing an innovative fix for a faster mode of transport in his village.


“My helicopter can fly, though not as fast as the ones in operation for civil or military duty. It can easily move at 50 kmph,” he told The Hindustan Times.


Picture Source: Hindustan Times

He is awaiting clearance from the concerned authorities to find out if his aircraft really works. 

Even the local officials and officers from an army camp nearby have promised the innovator that they will come to see the trial. According to the report, Chandra tried to run the engine once, but stopped it to avoid breaking any rules. 

Story Source: Hindustan Times , The Better India


A very old Hungry lady sitting on the street Makes this Young man Rich. Watch what happened

While so many people are blessed with abundance of food there are millions who Sleep hungry everyday without any food. Watch what happened. video by Nikhil Sethi and Friends Studios

This video inspires on how helping someone with just a plate of food can make you Rich with their endless blessings… She gave him so many blessings from her heart.

This Rickshaw Puller has Polio, yet he pulls Rickshaw for living and defeats Polio. Watch

To Give up is the easiest thing in the World to do but to fight against all odds and Win is what defines a Legend. Be a Legend, Never Give Up

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A Voice called them, They looked everywhere but there was No One. Watch what happened


They kept looking for the voice which called them but no one was there… Watch

Video by: Desi Talkies


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