86yr Old Woman give all of her’s Million $ to her Caretakers, Says “Where I am going soon, I don’t need money

What goes around comes around if you help others their blessings help you. No one can take any money with them after life, “What we do for ourselves dies with us, What we do for others remains forever “


86-year-old Marija zlatic never forgot how the community she was living in had helped her, and she rewarded every single person who did handsomely.

The people in Marija’s community saw how she was living on her own for years, and so they helped her with simple household things and needs, they never wanted anything in return.


Image source: AFP / Getty Images

Marija Zlatic told Serbian media that she needed only bread, water and wood

Back in 1956, both Marija and her husband Momcilo moved to Guilford, Western Australia from Serbia. Though her husband worked in a factory as a carpenter, Marija was content with being a housewife. But only after 18 months, Marija was called back to Serbia to take care of her ill mother.


Her stay in Serbia was supposed to be a short termed one and the couple kept in touch through letters to her husband. But when her mother died, Marija wasn’t able to go back to Australia for  unknown reasons. Their communication faded after several years and they didn’t talk again.


Image source: AFP / Getty Images

Mary Zlatic, 86yr old lives in a mud hut (pictured) on the outskirts of eastern Serbia

There were rumors about her husband getting married and becoming rich. Marija didn’t believe her husband had gotten rich and simply didn’t believe in it.


Marija was living a simple off a pension of $100 a month. She only wanted bread, water and wood and the neighbors always took care of her. It was only until news came of her husband passing that she decided to check on her husband. Her neighbor found out that he had in fact died in 2011.


News regarding her husband’s 2nd wife was limited and so she was shocked to receive a hefty AUD( Australian Dollars) 941, 512.58 as inheritance from her late husband! But instead of using the money for the betterment of her life, Marija didn’t have second thoughts of giving the money to all those who helped and cared for her.


This is what she says when asked why she did it: “Where I am going soon, I don’t need money, so I gave it away. They need it more than me.”


 A truly inspiring story of Compassion and Humanity creating a ripple effect.

From an International chef to a Roadside Food Seller, He said to Life I will Fight till the End with a Smile


Life is a continuous fight and nothing is permanent, Some Rise and Some fall and some Rise again but The most important thing is to have the right attitude in life and Never Give Up because If you can fight your struggles you will defeat your struggles every single time…

Cooking has been passion for him… From an international chef to roadside food maker. Life tried to break him but he did not. He worked abroad in London. Due to certain circumstances he now puts stall at Amity Tiraha, Lucknow. He finds happiness in serving people. And people too enjoy his awesome food. He puts his stall with his wife. His name is Richard. Story sent by Nivedita Mall

This Businessman invited 18,000 Widows to get their blessings on his son’s Wedding to destroy the Superstition

Jitendra Patel, a resident of Mehsana, invited the widows from five districts of Gujarat, including Banaskantha, Mehsana, Sabarkantha, Patan and Aravalli to crush the superstition

A widow’s presence at a wedding is considered a bad luck at many places in India, and are not invited to festivals and other celebrations.


Picture for representation only

But when a businessman in Gujarat was organising his son’s wedding, he decided to crush this superstitious belief and invited about 18,000 widows to bless the bride and groom.


“It was my heartfelt desire that the couple should be blessed by widows, who are mostly neglected by the society. Their presence is considered a bad omen at auspicious functions but I wanted to prove that all these beliefs are nothing but superstitions,” Jitendra Patel told The Times of India.


To make them feel even more special, every widow was presented with a blanket and a sapling. They promised to nurture the plants back home. Additionally, 500 widows coming from financially weaker backgrounds were presented with a milking cow each, to help them earn a living.


“I can hope of earning a decent livelihood now. I never expected getting so much importance after becoming a widow,” said 55-year-old Hansa Thakore of Vijapur town in Mehsana district.


We salute the efforts of Mr Jitendra for being an Inspiration to the society to bring awareness against blind superstition which are destroying many innocent lives

Story Source: The Better India


Foreigner Tourist life saved by Men with shirt rope after she falls into Well while taking selfie in India

A woman who fell 30ft down a well after trying to take a selfie was rescued by locals who made a rope out of t-shirts.

The Austrian tourist – who was visiting the Junagadh fort in Gujarat, India – decided to pose for a photo and managed to somehow slip down the shaft, reports the BBC.


Fortunately, passers-by heard her cries for help and rescued her.

Salute to the passer by for immediately helping her but the accidents of selfie mishaps are on the rise and becoming a very serious concern and Humans need to be very cautious. Putting life in danger for just a selfie…

Born & Brought up in a Village, lost both legs in an accident, yet graduated from IIT to join Google

When Life knocks you down you have 2 options, Let it Destroy you or get back up and punch it right in the face, He punched it right in the Face.

Both his parents were Uneducated. His father was a lorry driver and his mother was a house wife. He lost his legs as a child and moves around on a wheel chair. An inspiration to many, Naga Naresh Karutura graduated as a Computer Science engineer from IIT Madras, and today works for Google.


Image source: Your Story

Naresh was born and brought up in a village called Teeparru on the banks of river Godhavari in Andhra Pradesh. In the year 1993 during Sankranti holidays, he fell off from a lorry and lost both his legs. Naresh remembers how the accident had happened right in front of a big private hospital and how they refused to treat him. A police constable who was passing by took them to a government hospital.


According to Battakiran’s blog, Naresh doesn’t believe in self pity, and says that his life did’t change dramatically after he lost his legs. He had a normal childhood. He made good friends and had fun. Although a brilliant student, there was a time when he might had to discontinue his education. But fate was on his side. His parents moved shifted from their village to a town Tanuku, and admitted him in a Missionary school for higher secondary education. He made great friends who always treated him as their equal. He cracked the IIT JEE with an All India Rank of 992 and was ranked 4th in the physically handicapped category.


His life in IIT Madras was filled with pleasant surprises. He received support from total strangers without asking for it. He once met a man called Sundar in the train, who, moved by his story, took care of his hostel fees. The hospital which treated him during his childhood helped him with his college fees. His department in IIT arranged lift and ramps for him to move freely. His dean, Prof Idichandy and the Students General Secretary, Prasad helped him buy a powered wheel chair. “The world is full of good people”, he says with a smile.


Always excelling in his studies and brimming with positivism, he got job offers from Morgan Stanley and Google. His interest lay in pure computer science, algorithms and game theory; and hence he chose to work with Google. Today he makes everyone proud and proves how with the power of will, nothing is unattainable. We wish Naresh the very best in his life and career.


To Give up is the Easiest thing in the World to do but to Fight against all odds and Win is what Defines a LEGEND ! #NeverGiveUp #BeALegend


“Naresh is an inspiration and teaches us Victory comes to those who never Quit and nothing can stop you in achieving your goals other than YOU, Never Give Up”

Story Source: Your Story



One Man and 300 Volunteers Cooked for More than 170 Thousand People During the Chennai Floods

Compassion makes us Human. Salute to those who have a passion to serve Humanity.

At the time when most of Chennai and many part of Tamil Nadu were submerged because of the rains and subsequent floods, one man, backed by many volunteers, was packing food for thousands of stranded people.


Meet Santhosh Muruganantham, the founder of Kolapasi – a food outlet in Chennai. During the floods, there was water in Santhosh’s house as well as Kolapasi’s central kitchen. But nothing could dampen his extraordinary determination to help. Knowing that many people in the city would be stranded without food and water, Santhosh set up a makeshift kitchen and started preparing food.

While he started alone, about 300 volunteers joined him at different stages.


There were college students, industrialists, businessmen, a 74-year-old man, and many others – “From washing utensils, cooking, to packing food…they were doing whatever we asked them to do. And without a flinch, because they badly wanted to support,” he says.


The team cooked continuously for four days and packed over 1.7 lakh food packets. 

We Salute their Team for serving Humanity.

Story Source: The Better India


One Woman barely balances herself while Other Woman dies while trying to get down from a Moving Train.


One Woman barely manages to balance herself and the other Woman dies while trying to get down from a Moving Train. 

At the Borivali railway station In Mumbai a woman lost her life on 15th January after falling off from a running train between platform and train .

Please be very cautious and never attempt this and also stop others from doing this while commuting. please share to aware


11yr Old boy becomes World’s first visually impaired News Anchor. No one can stop you to Succeed other than You

No one can stop you to Succeed other than You, Defeat your struggles. Never Give Up

Visually impaired since his birth, T Sriramanujam, an 11-year-old boy from Tamil Nadu, fulfilled his long cherished dream of becoming a news anchor, as he went live for 22 minutes on the Lotus News, a satellite television channel based at Coimbatore, thus becoming world’s first visually impaired news anchor as claimed by the channel.


Sriramanujam is a student of blind school, and read the special news live with the help of Braille. He told the Hindu, “I was trembling with fear when I read the first news. But, on reading it, I gained confidence and read the remaining 30 news items in my half-hour slot covering topics such as national, sports and entertainment news,”


Although Sriramanujam has never seen a television video his entire life, he was an avid listener of the broadcast programs and wanted to become a news anchor some day. He was extremely happy that Lotus news offered him this opportunity. Channel Chairman, G K S Selvakumar told PTI that the main purpose of introducing the visually handicapped boy was to promote and create awareness on eye donation among the public, “So that such talented people get their vision back and achieve their goals.”

Story Source: Your Story

Their Love and Sacrifice > Anything Else in the World #Salute. Watch



Salute to every True Hero defending the Nation ! Happy Republic Day !


Video by: Desi Talkies

Indian Blind Cricket Team Wins the T20 Blind Asia cup – Thank you for making us Proud !

It takes a lot of courage, dedication and Hard work to follow your passion despite limitations and not thinking about what will people say…


Congratulations to Indian blind cricket Team, for winning T20 blind Asia Cup and making the Nation Proud of them. They put all their hardwork and overcome their limitation just so they can bring pride to the Nation.


Lets stand together to congratulate them and tell them we’re proud of you all !


This victory is an overall victory of every blind cricket player of the World who follows their passion to defeat their struggles and limitations. We all wish that game of Blind cricket reaches heights as it has a power to Inspire life.


Image Source: Business Standard


This is how blind cricket is played 

The rules of blind cricket are based on the standard Laws of cricket with some essential modifications.


In terms of playing equipment, the major adaptation is the ball, which is significantly larger than a standard cricket ball and filled with ball bearings. The size allows partially sighted players to see the ball and the contents allow blind players to hear it. The wicket (stumps) is also larger, to allow partially sighted players to see and blind players to touch it in order to correctly orient themselves when batting or bowling.


Various other modifications to the rules apply. Verbal signals are widely used both by umpires and players: in particular, the bowler must shout ‘Play!’ as he releases the ball. The delivery is required to pitch at least twice when bowled to a completely blind batsman (once when bowled to a partially sighted batsman), but must not be rolling. Totally blind batsmen cannot be out stumped, and must be found to be LBW twice before going out. Totally blind fielders are allowed to take a catch on the bounce.