This New Year’s Eve please don’t throw away any extra food, Call these 400 Dabbawalas and feed the hungry

This New Year’s Eve there will be grand parties and also a lot of food will be wasted and thrown away which can very easily feed those who can’t even afford single meal a day. Nothing in this World gives more satisfaction to heart than feeding a person in need of food.

Mumbai’s dabbawalas have come up with a great plan to prevent the wastage of food at New Year’s Eve parties in the city, or other events and celebrations like wedding ceremonies, birthday parties and more.

While so many people are blessed with abundance of food there are 190 million who Sleep hungry and can’t even afford one proper meal a day.

About 400 dabbawalas have started a ‘Roti Bank’ that will not only help reduce the wastage of food, but will also feed the poor and needy in Mumbai.


For this, members of the biggest community of dabbawalas, the Mumbai Jevandabbe Vahatuk Mahamandal, have collaborated with 30 wedding planners and caterers. They have set up two helpline numbers on which these wedding planners, caterers and any other individual can call to schedule a pick-up of leftover food.

The numbers are +919867221310 and +918652760542.

If you’re having a party at your place and if there’s a lot of leftover food please don’t trash it. Instead of throwing all of it away, you can call these numbers and the nearest lunchbox delivery men will come over to collect it. The food will then be distributed among people living on the streets, those who sleep on pavements, people living in slums, etc.


 We are known for quickly reaching a location and delivering lunch boxes. We want to use the same skills to help the poor,” Subhash Talekar, the dabbawala union’s spokesperson, told Mumbai Mirror. He added that the ‘Roti Bank’ will function on a no-profit, no-loss model.

These 400 dabbawalas will work after their shifts to make ‘Roti Bank’ a success.

“The caterers called us and said that lot of food gets wasted when big events are organised. So these left over can be packed and given to lunchbox delivery men who can take them to the poor. This is a social work,” said Talekar.

Mumbai’s dabbawalas are all set to use their skills to help the underprivileged.

Story Source: The Better India

In a Court where her Dad sells tea, Daughter is now a Judge

Children are known by Parent’s identity but The proudest thing you can give your parents is when they are known by your identity… it takes a lot of hard work, dedication and discipline to create your own identity which your family can say with proud She/He is “MY” Daughter/Son !.


23-year-old Shruti from the small town of Nakodar in Punjab’s Jalandhar district cleared the Punjab Civil Services (Judicial) exam in her first attempt. After a year of training, she will join a Jalandhar court as a judge.


Image Source: Dainik Bhaskar

What makes her success remarkable is the fact that her father, Surinder Kumar, has been selling tea in the same court complex all his life. Little did the proud father know that one day his daughter would walk through the doors of the same court as a judge.

After getting a degree in law from Guru Nanak Dev University in Jalandhar, Shruti studied for a master’s degree in law from Punjab University, Patiala. In an interview with Deccan Herald, Shruti said, “I always wanted to be associated with the legal profession. I wanted to be a judge. I sat for the examination and stood first in the SC category.”

Victory comes to those who never give up despite all the hardships and struggles !


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Heroic Man attempts to Catch Woman Falling from 11th floor of the Building


While many just stood and watched or passed, One heroic man took immediate action and actually put himself in harm’s way to try and catch a woman as she was plummeting to the ground.

The young Chinese man is being hailed as a hero following his incredible actions of selflessly attempting to break the woman’s fall in Enchi City in central China’s Hubei Province while many just stood and watched.

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This Man cleared the IAS exams ( toughest to clear ) while living in Orphanage

Some dream of success while others wake up and work hard for it, There is no shortcut to success and no one can give you success it must be “earned” with dedication, discipline and hard work.

Muhammad Ali Shihab was born in Edavannappara, a remote village in Kerala’s Malappuram district. He spent his childhood helping his father sell betel leaves and bamboo baskets in a makeshift pan shop. After his father’s death, he was put into an orphanage, since his mother was too poor to bring him up properly. He had to fail in Class V in order to get admission to the orphanage.


Shihab received good guidance in the orphanage. His only hope was excelling at studies and taking life head on. In an interview given to the Hindu, he said, “I used to read in scant light under the cover of bed-sheet and pillows in order not to disturb my friends sleeping in the neighboring beds of the dormitory. While in the orphanage he completed his elementary education and graduated in history through distance learning.

According to an interview given to the Indian Express, Shihab said he has cleared 21 exams conducted by various government agencies so far. “I appeared for posts of forester, jail warden and railway ticket examiner. The civil service crept into my dreams only at the age of 25. When I revealed my intention to try my luck at the UPSC exam, the orphanage supported me in every way,” says Shihab. After long struggle, he cracked the UPSC exam, ranking 226th. He believes that his understanding of the grass-root reality will help him serve people better.

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This 12-year-old girl has invented a shower which saves upto 80% water

Water without which Humans can’t survive, While many of us are blessed with enough of it, then there are so many people who walk miles to find just a little bit of it. The least we can do to support water conservation is to not waste any. #SaveWater

Twelve-year-old Shrusti Nerkar is a standard six student in Nashik’s Rachna Vidyalaya. She has invented a shower with special nozzles, which can save up to 80% water. Shrusti’s shower uses approximately 15 liters of water per person when compared to the 80 liters, that is normally used, thereby saving 65 liters of water per shower.


The idea for a smart shower came to Shrusti when she accompanied her father to a car wash. Shrusti told the DNA, “When I went to the car wash and heard them announce that they will wash the car in just two liters of water, I got curious and enquired about how they did it. They were using special sprinklers. Later, I spoke to my father if we could use such sprinklers in our shower.” With support from her father, it took her four failed attempts, before the fifth one finally worked.

Shrusti has applied for a patent of her new invention. Her older brother Amey who studies in standard 12 already holds a patent for devising a smart helmet that would not allow one’s scooter to start till it is worn by the rider. Their father, Narendra Nerkar, a professor of electronics at the government polytechnic college, swells with pride at the accomplishments of his children.

Story Source: Your Story

These 5 teenagers gave Christmas gift to a village by Lighting up their lives with Solar lamps

This Christmas, a village in Karnataka will glitter with lights for the first time. Thanks to the Deepam Initiative taken up by five teens from Bengaluru to bring light into the lives of those living in Kaiwara village, 140 solar bulbs will be installed along the main road of the village located in the Chikkaballapur district.


The initiative was started by four 11th standard students, Aditya S Prasad, Nishal Harve, Eshaan Bhandari, Karan Taj and a first year Law student, Vaishakh G Datta. Through concerted online and offline campaigns, they raised Rs 26 lakhs to fund their project of installing 70 LED solar lamp posts in the remote village.

Seventeen-year-old Aditya, in an interview with the Times of India said, “At our school, we would contribute for Diwali every year by giving rice and money for the underprivileged. That made me think that I can do something everlasting for some village. We brainstormed and came up with the idea of providing street lights for a village near Bengaluru. Kaiwara, which houses many government offices, was chosen because of its footfall.”

They were able to pull off the whole project through perfect division of labour. Aditya took care of funding and finance, while Vaishakh approached corporate firms and took care of legal aspects. Nihal managed the civil work, while Karan and Eshaan were in charge of getting contributions and resources from firms outside Karnataka. Thanks to their collective effort, Kaiwara will soon be lit up with solar lamps.

Story Source: Your Story, Times Of India