This Fisherman offered his entire body in the Mud swamp to help rescue the Old Couple


This selfless Fisherman lied on the ground, offering his entire body’s surface area as a support for them the pull themselves free, not even taking a moment to consider the danger he was putting himself in.


A disabled homeless man was left in Tears by a group of young Musicians. Watch

Humanity at it’s Finest… Everyone work and earn for them self but these group of young musicians did the opposite and left him in tears. watch video below by Frozen Frames. This Diwali Give Happiness and Help Those in Need, Please share to inspire.


Visually Impaired kid records his Chess moves to Analyze them later with Mother. #ImpossibleIsNothing

Where there’s a Will there’s always a Way…


Source: Humans Of Hyderabad

“What’s your name ?”

“I’m Aryan”
“I’ve seen you record stuff on your Walkman. Are you recording your moves while you play ?”
“Yes, I’m recording my game moves so that I can analyze them with my mother later on.”

Aryan and 200 other blind /partially blind children took part in the All India Chess Championship for the visually impaired. — at Devnar school for the blind.

His Father got busy for a minute and he got into trouble on Escalator. Please be careful. Watch

Please be careful with kids around Escalators. Watch

He’s been doing Farming on one leg from past 18 years, What’s your Excuse to give up ? NeverGiveUp

When Life Knocks you down, You have 2 options let it Destroy you or get back up and Punch it right in the face, He Punched it right in the face


Source: sriganganagaronline

Whats your Excuse ? Where there is a Will there’s a Way… If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.

His name is Ramchandra, A farmer in Rajasthan’s Sri Ganganagar district, He’s been cultivating and farming from past 18 years on just one leg.

Ramchandra who once thought of ending his life, Wanted to Live so he can inspire others to Never Give Up

He’s been doing farming for over 18 years now, does all his work standing on one leg. He tells that he does not require any help from anyone and is self sufficient. During off-season he also goes off to do labour work in the city area. He said that with his determination and hard work he is able to earn his living and has married off his two daughters recently.

He feels a person should never worry over challenges, rather one should always be ready to overcome all limitations, If you can fight your struggles you Will Defeat them.

We salute the Courage and Never give up attitude of Ramchandra and being an Inspiration to everyone.

She lost her Husband , At age 42 she stepped out and started working to support family, NeverGiveUp


Story Source: Humans of Bombay

“I had to start working for the first time in my life at the age of 42 after my husband passed away. I learnt everything there is to learn about about the stock market so that I could fend for my mother in law and 3 children. Even though I was devastated, I had to hold it together for my family and take control of my life. That’s the thing about being placed in difficult situations – you find the strength you never knew you had and more courage than you’ve ever had before. You unknowingly end up becoming the superhero of your own life story…and this is true for anyone who’s ever been thrown into a difficult life experience.”

If you can Fight your struggles you will Defeat them. Never Ever Give Up

She was Abused and Threatened to Death being Pregnant, Her Advise, Never Rush Marriage. Read


Story Source: Humans of Bombay

“His family and my family have lived in the same building for years but since his business was in Bombay and Dubai, I barely saw him. This one day, he asked my driver which college I was studying in, he came there, waited for me to finish class and asked me to coffee. We ended up chatting for an hour that day and I was completely enamoured by him — he was such a charmer! His parents wanted us to marry quickly because he was 7 years older – so at 19 I got married to someone who I thought was the man of my dream, but he was an *******.

It started at the honeymoon, where I wasn’t allowed to look anywhere but towards him, wasn’t allowed to enter shops which he didn’t like and was supposed to wear only what he wanted me to. We were to visit our relatives in London, so he asked me to wear a salwaar but no jacket and I remember freezing.

When we went back to Dubai, he didn’t allow me to turn on the AC and if I did in the middle of the night because it was so hot – he would smash my perfumes, candles and upturn my entire wardrobe. He would drive his convertible car at the maximum speed and threaten to throw me out if I ever disobeyed him. Once, in between abusing and screaming at me, he pinned me down, forced himself upon me and 6 months into my wedding I was pregnant. He hid my medicines saying I don’t need them — I was throwing up 30 times a day and all the minerals in my body had drained to the point that I couldn’t stand and that’s when he agreed to take me to the hospital.

The nurse there saw me once and said ‘I’ve to take you to the emergency room – and had you come a day later you would return to Bombay in a coffin’. When I went home after those 3 days, he pushed me, I started bleeding and he waited 24 hours to take me back to the hospital. On the hospital slip it said ‘bled yesterday and brought to the hospital today.’

He only let me return home because my parents were at Hajj. When I came home, I asked him if I could stay for a night in my own home instead of his – which he flatly refused. I was talking to my mother on the phone for 15 minutes when he called me 40 times, sent his sister upstairs to snatch my phone and sent me a text saying,’If you return to Dubai, I will rip your *** apart’ in Hindi. That’s when I decided I had enough.
The next 6 years were hell for me. He sent me a legal notice saying he wanted custody of my unborn child, but I would never let that happen. So 30 days after I had delivered and my stitches hadn’t healed – I went to the family court to fight for my son. My son has been to more courtrooms in the first 5 years of his life than most people ever would.

He bribed people from the court and the judges to prolong this case and if not for this one police man who understood me and helped me – God knows how much longer I would have to continue my fight. In 2012, my hell was finally over. I won all cases because of that one hospital slip and received nothing in compensation from him or his family.

He seemed so normal, but he snatched my innocence away. Please, don’t rush into marriage because so often what people appear to be and who they are, is entirely different. 10 years later, I’ve put it behind me because I have my son and my life is for him. He’s all that matters.”

Two Railway attendants return Jewelry worth Rs 2 Lakh to Passengers who Forgot their Bag


Source: The Better India, Picture for Reference only

These Days If you forget something valuable somewhere, You almost lose hope of getting it back but this was not the case here. Salute to the honesty of Two train attendants on-board the Gujarat Mail set a remarkable example of honesty when they returned a bag full of jewelry worth Rs. 2 lakh to the passengers who had left it behind after their journey.

Working in the AC first class compartment of Gujarat Mail, train attendants Sikander and Ashwin Vyas found a hand bag full of jewelry on October 17.

It had been left behind by passengers, Gauri Pandey and her mother, Geeta Pandey, who had had boarded the train from Ahmedabad to reach Mumbai.

The two women, along with Gauri’s son, got off at Borivali in morning. Later in the day they realised that the bag was missing. On rushing to Mumbai Central, they were informed that the train was being cleaned in the yard.

Unable to get any help in Mumbai, Gauri contacted her brother-in-law Ashok Upadhyay, who lives in Ahmedabad. He then went to the Ahmedabad station to see if they could get any information there. The station manager, Dinesh Verma, and his staff, looked up the list of attendants on duty in the train. On being called, an attendant first told them that there was nothing left behind, and they were still on the train.

However, after 20 minutes, they got a call from Sikander and Ashwin who informed that they had found a black handbag. According to Dinesh Verma, the two attendants will be facilitated by the family on Wednesday.

“After we got the call, we searched every corner of the compartment and found the bag. As soon as we opened the bag, we found it contained jewellery. We informed officials in Ahmedabad. This was something which did not belong to us and we had to return it,” Ashiwn Vyas told The Times of India.


2 girls were bullying a Junior school girl at Bus stop, Then amazing happened.Watch

Watch what happened…

7.7 magnitude earthquake shakes India, Afghanistan, Pakistan. Safety steps to take during earthquake

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A strong earthquake measuring 7.7 on the Richter scale hit north India afternoon on Monday October 26th. Massive tremors lasting almost a minute were reported in Delhi, Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab. It was one of the longest earthquake we’ve have ever experienced.
Center of Earthquake is reported to be near Feyzabad, Afghanistan. Lights, Fans, Doors went trembling everywhere , Many people quickly ran outside their offices, shops, homes while others were not sure what to do either wait to get it over or run outside. We pray for everyone’s safety, The US Geological Survey or USGS said the quake’s epicentre was in the Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan.

Below are some very important Safety measure to take During and after Earthquake.

After an Earthquake