This 12 year old Kid can put many of us to Shame. Watch what happened

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He Blocked his car in Parking for 40 minutes and then Watch what he does. Based on a True Story.

After blocking his car this is what he does. Watch 

Rs 1,51,600 in 7 days – 77 YEAR OLD “FACEBOOK STAR”

7 days of Video Release of Mr P.V.Saar(Sahay), Collected Rs 1,51,600 and Changed his Life, he Became A Superstar of Every Heart.. Watch as he Gives Endless Blessings to Everyone.

Varun Pruthi
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77 year old Facebook star ( Part 2 )

Life Changing Act – If you Never Helped, You Never Lived

You Have Never Really Lived, Until you have done something for someone who can Never REPAY you.

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An orphan 3yr old little girl was roaming around streets trying to sell Pens

No child deserves to be abandoned on the streets by their family, Please Share to bring awareness for the Issue of Overpopulation before its too late
Please help those in need.
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A Man Faints in the middle of 100 people then something Amazing happened

A man got a Heatstroke and Collapsed in the middle of over 100 people and then something Amazing Happened, It’s been a record breaking Intense heat wave all over, Please take a step forward to help people in need and always keep yourself hydrated by in taking sufficient amount of water #ShareToInspireHumanity

5 street vendors take Dubsmash Challenge for Rs 1000 each

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