Two Indian workers in Singapore saved the Baby whose Head got stuck in the Balcony Fence. Watch



Source: News Asia One

 Mr P. Muthukumar, 24, and Mr S. Shanmuganathan, 35, saved the toddler, Naureh Fitria Auni, whose head was stuck in between a horizontal metal pole of a drying rack and the balcony of the second-storey flat in Jurong East.

Her mother, Madam Noreen Saniri, had left Auni asleep alone in a bedroom when she took her five-year-old daughter to a nearby kindergarten at about 1pm.

In the 15 minutes that the 27-year-old housewife was away, Auni, who will turn three in August, woke up.

She then made her way through two doors to the balcony.

She is believed to have climbed up a table, dropped the device and slipped off the balcony reaching for it. (See infographics above.) Fortunately, her head got stuck, which saved her from falling.

That was when Mr Muthukumar and Mr Shanmuganathan, who were working at a nearby road, saw her and sprung into action.

They climbed up a water pipe on the exterior of the block to get to the second floor where they managed to free the dangling Auni. Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) officers later brought the toddler down.

By the time Madam Noreen got back, her daughter was safe, with only a small bruise on her cheek from her ordeal. (See report on facing page.)

The rescue was captured on video, uploaded on Thursday and went viral as Singaporeans hailed the workers as heroes.

The Indian nationals were presented with a public spiritedness award by the SCDF yesterday for their “quick thinking and selflessness”.


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