A Rickshaw puller who donates through his Labour by dropping all passengers for Free


Picture for Representation purpose only, Picture Source: WN.com

“‪Money doesn’t make you Rich your heart does”, Meet the Richest Man – A Rickshaw puller #‎BringingHumanityBack‬ Story Sent by: Gauri Shah. My Mom met the live example of this word in Haridwar where she and my dad spend 2 months every year to get away from the routine and recharge themselves in the peaceful atmosphere.


My mom wanted to go from the Ashram where she was staying to Har ki paudi (very famous spot where people come to take bath in The Ganga). She took cycle Rickshaw ride and when she reached she asked the fare of ride and to her surprise the rickshaw driver said no fare for today and explained her that he does not have money to donate or do any good for anybody but one day in year he donates his labour and takes people around on his rickshaw for free.


In his exact words ‘ Uppar ja ke muh bhi to dikhana hai’ ( When I go up, I have to show face to God )

I found this very inspiring and thought of sharing it with you all. 

Salute to the Richest Rickshaw puller with the biggest Heart.



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