Polio couldn’t stop this Man’s Passion from Becoming a Traffic warden, He Defeated Polio


Image Source: Bangalore Mirror

Where there’s a will there’s a way. Since his childhood days, Bangalore’s resident Mohammad Salman had a dream of joining the police force. He would spend hours watching the men and women donning khakhi and white, doing their duty and he aspired to walk in their shoes. His dreams crashed pathetically during his teens as Salman was struck down with polio and he couldn’t use his legs anymore.

But now, thanks to the officers from the Shivajinagar traffic police in Bengaluru, 21-year-old Mohammad is finally getting a chance to live his dream. Four years ago he had approached the traffic police asking them if there was any possibility that he could help them out. Seeing his relentless passion the police authorised him to be one of the official traffic wardens

Story Source: Bangalore Mirror


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