An old man in flight wasn’t able to eat food, being paralyzed then this stewardess kneels down to feed him

A simple act of kindness yet so powerful had this old man in tears…

Despite her overload of work, this stewardess took a step in showing the world how helping others in need can truly give satisfaction to heart…


In a flight headed for Haikou, China, stewardess Fan Xuesong noticed an old man who could not feed himself because of his condition. 71-year-old Niu, a former professor teaching medicine, part of his body being paralyzed. He wasn’t given any special treatment despite the fact that he was sitting on a wheelchair aboard the plane.

After seeing the man having a hard time, She immediately aided the man by kneeling in front of him and feeding him. Niu was overwhelmed and was left in tears after this very kind stewardess helped him out. She was also left in tears watching him being so grateful for this simple act of kindness…





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