A Teacher was about to pay her Hospital Bill but the Bill read it’s been paid 22 years ago. Read

Without a good Teacher / Coach / Mentor most of the successful people wouldn’t be where they are… A Teacher passes their best experience and knowledge to students to make their Goals / Dreams achievable… 

This doctor never forgot what his teacher has done for him and decided to do something for his teacher in return.



A teacher named Virginia Padilla Roble just broke her left forearm and was hospitalized at the Perpetual Succour Hospital in Cebu for several days. Upon checking out, Mrs. Padilla was surprised to see her bill. Written on the bill was: “Professional fee—paid 22 years ago!” ( One of my Favorite teacher ! )

Apparently, the surgeon in charge was one of her former students, Dr. Dilbert Monicit. This just goes to show how people, despite their success in life, do not forget about the people who have helped them through the years.

Source: Viral4Real


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