A Tea garden worker uses his motorbike as Free Ambulance service to take poor villagers to hospitals


With your support We helped Mr Karimul Hoque(Known as Ambulance man) with Rs 22000 to pay off his remaining bike loan in Full, He sent Picture saluting and thanking all you guys for your support and sent many blessings, We came to know about him when a story was published about him on social media after reading his inspiring story on how he’s making a big difference by providing free bike ambulance service to the needy we decided to help him by paying off his remaining bike loan, Now he owns his bike ambulance, he’s so happy and said sir i don’t know who you are, We live at far distance, Even then you helped me so much, I never imagined this, I said we don’t know each other but Humanity Unites Us. We salute the work you’re doing for Humanity and you’re a Hero !


Karimul Hoque from the Dhalabari village under the Malbazar police station in the district has become popular in his village and neighborhood for his unique concept of ‘bike ambulance, and is known to most people, from local doctors to police and other block officials.


He runs an bike Ambulance for the needy and poor, He’s known as “Ambulance babu” for his Humanitarian services for helping the people in remote areas of Jalpaiguri totally free of cost on his motorcycle. He also provides free basic first aid services to those in need, Nowadays When everyone is busy living and earning for themself Here’s a man who is busy in his humanitarian mission to help those in need 24×7.


What’s more, his service is available day and night. The reason behind this extraordinary spirit to help those needy is that his mother expired some years back because she couldn’t get an Ambulance to reach hospital on time and he wants to make sure no one else suffers the same and hence provides free ambulance service.


Karimul makes around Rs 5000/month and use to pay 25% of his income towards Bike installments and another 25% of his salary aside for fuel cost, etc. for ‘bike-ambulance,’ but Now he can save the monthly Installments and can put them to the best use.


He sent many blessings for all of you guys for your support ! #BringingHumanityBack


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