A mute stray Dog who can’t bark Risks his Own Life to protect the Residents from Intruder

This story of a brave stray dog who fought hard to protect the residents will make you feel so proud ! Dog’s a most faithful animal known to Mankind and this is why… 


Pingu is a mute stray dog. But the fact that he cannot bark did not deter him from stopping a suspected burglar from entering a building in Delhi’s Vasant Kunj colony. Though he was often ignored by many people of the society, he risked his own life to save the residents there.

Pingu is a stray dog who lives in Delhi’s Vasant Kunj colony. While many residents there used to shoo him away because he is a stray animal, they didn’t know that the same dog would risk his own life to help them one day.


At about 1:30 am on August 12th, Pingu was with a security guard and they saw a stranger climbing the stairs of one particular set of flats in the colony. Pingu is familiar with all the faces in the locality by now. When he saw that the man did not stop even after the guard called him out, he instantly ran towards him and attacked.

The stranger happened to have a knife, with which he slashed Pingu’s legs and tried to escape. Being mute, Pingu could not bark to express his pain or to alert others.


Photo for representation only. Source: Wikimedia Commons


But he did not give up. He ran after the stranger in spite of being severely hurt. The man eventually ran away, and Pingu was losing blood. The guard was not sure about what he should do. He did not wake anyone assuming that no one would turn up to help a stray dog and Pingu lay unattended for several hours in the night.


Next morning, Poornima Misra, the secretary of the locality, found out about the incident. She shared a close bond with Pingu and had been feeding him for several years now. She quickly got a sheet, wrapped him in it and took him to a nearby hospital. He had already lost about three litres of blood by then.

Pingu is fine now and the residents of Vasant Kunj have found a new hero in him.


Their attitude towards stray dogs has also changed and they can’t thank Pingu enough for saving them from an incident that could have been dangerous. They have also honored him with a gold medal and have started treating stray dogs with love and affection. 

We request everyone to please be kind to stray animals, they fight against very harsh conditions for their survival every single day yet they always show their intense love and loyalty to every person who bothers to care even a little for them.

Story Source: The Better India




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